Below are a sample of the articles written by Kate Evans.


Communication Skills Back to Basics

We all know how to communicate. If I stick my tongue out at someone they will get the gist of what I am communicating to them, however, their response may not be very positive and full clarity in our communication may never happen. To truly communicate in a way that other people can hear without ... Read More


How A Kiss Can Save Your Relationship

When couples come in to see me for counseling, I ask many of the following questions: How often are you having sex, if at all? What values do you share? How long have you been struggling? However, one of the most important questions I ask is, How often do you kiss? The answer to this ...Read More


Is It Okay to Cry

I’m in session with a client who is telling me about a very emotional event in her life. She begins to tear up, but she fights it and keeps the tears back. We continue to talk and she continues to fight. She isn’t fooling anyone. I can see the tears there, wanting to come out. Then there is a moment ... Read More


Older Women - Can They Still Have It

Sexiness is an elusive thing. Ask one person what they think is sexy and they'll tell you muscular arms, ask another and they'll tell you a sense of humor. Rarely do people think about age as being sexy. But there's no reason it can't be. These days women are taking better and better care of ... Read More


The Top 3 Ways to Rebuild Intimacy

When relationships are not attended to regularly walls go up and intimacy goes down. Here are three of the main reasons that romance and intimacy disappear in relationships and what you can do to take charge of your... Read More

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