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Diagnoses and Issues
Therapy Methods
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Diagnoses / Issues

This listing of diagnoses and issues can give you an idea of some of the areas that we here at Evans Counseling can help you with. We strive to provide a safe environment to help our clients address these concerns and so much more.


Fear, worry and stress; our lives are full of so much to think about, so many expectations that we feel we can never meet, yet we keep on trying. Finding the root of anxiety then learning skills to cope with the symptoms can give you a sense of control over yourself and your life again.

Bipolar Disorder

An issue related to brain chemistry with symptoms including impulsivity, anger and depression that leads a person to feel out of control. We can work toward helping you to gain a better understanding of yourself and learn skills to cope with the symptoms of bipolar.


When we lose a loved one the pain of the loss can show itself in many ways. If you have suffered a loss know that you are not alone in the struggle to cope with the change in your life.

Borderline Personality

This is a personality disorder that is categorized by thoughts or actions of self-harm, black and white thinking and poor boundaries. It makes relationships nearly impossible with others and can leave a person feeling rejected at every turn. Skills learning, especially with DBT, can be vital to gaining control of your life.


Sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, whether at a clinical level or not these feelings can make everyday living painful to even attempt. We can find ways to help bring hope and peace back to your life.

Divorce / Separation / Contemplation

Many relationships are unable to stand the test of time, when this happens lives get changed in so many ways that coping with the changes can feel like a formidable task. Being able to process this with someone can make it all feel more manageable and help validate everything you are feeling.


When fertility is an issue it can create so many feelings that you can feel completely overwhelmed. Reducing stress, learning how to cope with the anxieties, learning how to work with, rather than against your spouse, all can help increase your chances of conceiving, while also giving you greater skills to face the world.

LGBTQ Concerns

Having a sexual orientation that varies from heterosexual in any form can come with much fear, confusion and loneliness. Here you will be given a safe and accepting place where you will never be judged for being who you are.


There are few jobs in this world that are as complex, frustrating, confusing and rewarding as being a parent. All parents can use a place to validate their struggles, learn new parenting skills and sort out the difference between their parenting style and that of others around them.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

After a person experiences a trauma they can experience emotional distress that lasts far longer than expected. We will work on skills to help cope with the aftereffects of trauma, process the event(s) and find ways to help you to move beyond the past. A technique like EMDR can be a vital part of this process as well.


Friendships, romance, families, work – these are some of the areas where relationships exist and where difficulties can arise. Finding ways to communicate and improve those relationships is sometimes difficult to do on your own. Here we can target the areas that need improvement and what you can gain control over to make those relationships what you need.


One of the most stressful occurrences in a person’s life can be retirement. If you identified your worth or even yourself with your job, having it be gone now can send you into a tailspin. We can bring you up out of that and discover what life is like in retirement, who you are outside of a job and what direction you can take to feel happy and satisfied in this next phase of life.

Teen Behavioral Concerns

Anger, impulsivity, poor choices, hostility, and self-injury – these are a few of the issues that a teen may exhibit and that can create issues within the family. Separating out what is normal teen behavior from what is unhealthy and damaging, then providing them a safe pale to process and learn skills can help a teen regain focus and relinquish their reactivity.

Self-Esteem / Confidence

If you do not believe in yourself the world can be a cold and frightening place. We can help you to learn to recognize the strengths already within you and face that world with greater poise and ability.

Women’s Empowerment

Women are given many messages in life and sometimes those messages leave them feeling less important and less valuable then everyone else. You can learn how amazing and strong you actually are, even if you don’t feel like it today.