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Client Concerns We Treat


Fear, worry and stress; our lives are full of so much to think about, so many expectations that we feel we can never meet, yet we keep on trying. Finding the root of anxiety then learning skills to cope with the symptoms can give you a sense of control over yourself and your life again.


When we lose a loved one the pain of the loss can show itself in many ways. If you have suffered a loss know that you are not alone in the struggle to cope with the change in your life.

Chronic Illness

When we or a loved one are living with a chronic illness it can impact our mental/emotional state in many ways. There are ways to change your perception of the situation to help it be less invasive than is absolutely necessary, and we can help you to learn those ways.


Sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, whether at a clinical level or not these feelings can make everyday living painful to even attempt. We can find ways to help bring hope and peace back to your life.


Many relationships are unable to stand the test of time, when this happens lives get changed in so many ways that coping with the changes can feel like a formidable task. Being able to process this with someone can make it all feel more manageable and help validate everything you are feeling.

Fertility Concerns

When fertility is an issue it can create so many feelings that you can feel completely overwhelmed. Reducing stress, learning how to cope with the anxieties, learning how to work with, rather than against your spouse, all can help increase your chances of conceiving, while also giving you greater skills to face the world.


Having a sexual orientation that varies from heterosexual in any form can come with much fear, confusion and loneliness. Here you will be given a safe and accepting place where you will never be judged for being who you are.

Life Transitions

We all experience movement in our lives and sometimes that movement creates discomfort that we need support to figure out how to get through it all. We will be here for you as life shifts and creates new challenges for you.


After a person experiences a trauma they can experience emotional distress that lasts far longer than expected. We will work on skills to help cope with the aftereffects of trauma, process the event(s) and find ways to help you to move beyond the past. A technique like EMDR can be a vital part of this process as well.


If you do not believe in yourself the world can be a cold and frightening place. We can help you to learn to recognize the strengths already within you and face that world with greater poise and ability.

Sex-Related Concerns

Sex is a very important aspect of most people's lives and relationships. And, sometimes, it doesn't go as we expect, think it ought to, or are told it should be. If you are facing issues of low libido, differences in sexual needs in a relationship, fear of sex, or anything else that relates to your sex life we will be here to help you understand yourself, your partner, and what will most benefit you to address this often sensitive subject.

Women's Empowerment

Women are given many messages in life and sometimes those messages leave them feeling less important and less valuable then everyone else. You can learn how amazing and strong you actually are, even if you don’t feel like it today.

Types of Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

Originally created as a therapy technique to help cope with trauma, EMDR can help process through any issue that has gotten stuck. Similar to how the eyes move during REM sleep, a time when the brain is working on processing information and dreaming, EMDR moves information from one side of the brain to the other through eye movement, while focusing on the issue. By doing this we are able to allow the mind to heal in the way that it wanted to, but was never allowed in the first place. We can use this technique to allow you to move forward in a way that traditional talk therapy may not be able to access. For more information feel free to check out www.emdr.com.

Mindfulness-Based Interventions

Mindfulness is the idea of doing one thing in the moment, non-judgmentally. This is a concept that has been used for millennia to help ground and center people dealing with things like anxiety, depression, life stressors, etc. Mindfulness skills can be taught in many ways to help you to be more present in your daily living, and within yourself, reducing your pain by not being stuck in the past that you cannot change or a future that you cannot control because it hasn't happened yet.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

The basis of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is that the human psyche is comprised of many "parts," or sub-personalities that have their own thoughts, feelings and perspectives. When a trauma happens, parts can be pushed into extreme and dysfunctional roles and sometimes lose connection to a person’s Self. The Self is a person’s center and contains all of the qualities necessary for healing — compassion, clarity, curiosity and calmness, to name a few. The goal of IFS is to connect each part with the Self so healing can take place and these parts do not have to continue in dysfunctional roles. To learn more about IFS, visit www.selfleadership.org/about-internal-family-systems.html

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